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In today’s world, everyone seems to be moving at a quicker speed than a hummingbird, but did you know it’s not good for your health to stress?

When you first being your yoga practice you may notice that your downward facing dog, is not exactly easy to hold or comfortable to stay in. As time goes on, and you remain committed to your practice you will notice that this becomes a comfortable resting posture.

Lemongrass has a variety of uses and beneficial properties. I have been growing my own for some time now in my backyard. The main uses I have for it are tea and salad dressings.

Feeling Anxious or Stressed?

You might be surprised, but I’m not a stranger to anxiety, which in today’s world, is a very common issue.

In October I was fortunate to travel to the Philippines and lead a workshop on yoga in Quezon City. These workshops take quite a bit of effort to organize and I am in deep gratitude to Rudy Palma for helping to facilitate this exciting opportunity with the Mayor’s office. 

The title caught your eye didn’t it? In case you’re wondering I don’t really believe I’m a saint, but I do truly try to live my life consciously and with intention to be better every day. I’ve started this blog because I believe that all yogi’s, teachers and practitioners alike, should share their knowledge with those around them.