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In October I was fortunate to travel to the Philippines and lead a workshop on yoga in Quezon City. These workshops take quite a bit of effort to organize and I am in deep gratitude to Rudy Palma for helping to facilitate this exciting opportunity with the Mayor’s office. 

I enjoy travelling and even more so when I can throw yoga into the mix, I’m able to try new cuisines, experience different cultures and of course, meet amazing people. With Rudy helping me to organize the workshop, I had spare time to explore the city and was even able to round up a great group of people to go for a run.

I do find when I’m away from home, I’m missing some comforts, especially my garden. That’s why when someone suggested I participate in the Summit of Social Business Entrepreneurship, I couldn’t believe my luck. It was sponsored by Gawad Kalinga, which means “to give care” and the purpose of the summit was to raise awareness to the mission to end poverty by a cooperative farming system. Locals are encouraged to grow organic products and sell them amongst themselves.

I was humbled by the commitment of this organization to restoring dignity to the poor and help them, help themselves. The empowerment of these people, from child to senior, is set to bring about a change for many generations to come. In fact, Gawad Kalinga is growing momentum in other countries, and I am excited to participate in volunteer opportunities when I return.

Did I just say when I return? I had a wonderful time, however, I spent most of time in Quezon City and hope to return, and focus on rural areas. I would love to spread the word of yoga to those have not been exposed to this practice and also volunteer in some capacity in impoverished rural communities.





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